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Bill Davidson has opinions

Pistons owner Bill Davidson gave a rare interview to the Associated Press. Not a lot of basketball made it's way into the conversation, but it's still interesting to read the richest man in the state opine about things like the economy ...

"What sunk the (national) economy, in my opinion, was the phony mortgages,"

... unions ...

"I hate to say it, but 50 years ago I said I'm not going to work for the UAW. So, I basically don't have unions," said Davidson, who employs more than 19,000 people. "I'm working for myself. The auto companies are working for the UAW and it doesn't work.

... politics ...

"I'm definitely for McCain," he said quickly. "Ordinarily, I wouldn't say because I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, but to me, it's pretty clear cut."


"Experience," he said. "I just don't think Obama has the type of experience so far that is necessary."

... and, of course, Flip Saunders:

"He was not attentive enough to details that would satisfy me or Joe," Davidson said of Saunders. "The players got a little content and if you have that, you're not going to win. We know Michael, who he is and what he'll do, and we have all kinds of confidence in him."

(I know you can't compare the two, but apparently experience only matters in politics, not coaching ...)

A lot of owners constantly put themselves in the forefront (see: Steinbrenner, Hank), but Davidson tends to shy from the spotlight, even if he's not opposed to exerting his influence on the occasional basketball decision. Reading any interview with him, whether it's about sports or not, is pretty interesting.