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Did Walter Herrmann just re-sign with the Pistons?

Walter Herrmann recently gave an interview with, which appears to be a Spanish-language news site. If there are any Spanish-speaking readers out there, I'd like a little help with this passage:

Consultado sobre su negativa a integrar la Selección Nacional que participará de los juegos olímpicos de Beijin, comentó: "Básicamente porque no tenía contrato con la NBA. Recién ayer arreglé mi continuidad por una temporada con los Pistons de Detroit.

According to Google Translate, it says:

Consulted on their refusal to integrate the National Selection to participate in the Olympic Games in Beijing, said: "Basically because it had no contract with the NBA. Just yesterday arranged my continuity for a while with the Detroit Pistons.

Machine-generated translations are always confusing, but it seems to say that he's not playing for Argentina's national team because he didn't have an NBA contract when the team was selected, but that he re-signed with the Pistons yesterday. (The article is timestamped July 29, so I'm guessing the interview took place the 28th, which means "yesterday" would mean Sunday. Or something like that.) A reader on the message board confirms this:

I read the article in Spanish and it plainly states (quoting Hermann) that he signed a contract yesterday to return to play for Detroit. No other details were provided.

Can anybody from DBB nation confirm the confirmation with their own word for word translation?

Update: Cisco comes through in the comments:

My Spanish is a little iffy (I’m a Portuguese speaker), but roughly translated, asked why he did not want to take part in the games, Herrmann says: "Basically, because I didn’t have an NBA contract. Just yesterday I arranged to play for one more season with the Detroit Pistons.".