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The Pistons are looking at Delfino

Well, well, look at this:

The Pistons have been in contact with several free-agent swingmen around the league, and one name is particularly interesting.

Former Piston Carlos Delfino is among the free agents the team is considering signing. Tomorrow is the first day NBA free agents can sign contracts, although they can agree to deals earlier.

Delfino was obviously frustrated with his playing time with the Pistons, but it's possible he'd give the organization a clean slate with a new coaching staff in place. He's technically a restricted free agent but doesn't seem to fit into Toronto's plans, meaning there's probably little risk in the Raptors matching any offers.

Would you welcome the Dolphin's return? Long-time readers of this site will know that I've always liked his game and was sad to see him go, but at this point I'd have to imagine that settling for him means the team struck out on better options like James Jones, Mikael Pietrus, and CJ Miles, not to mention Corey Maggette.

(Thanks to DBB reader jpop for spotting this)