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Great minds …

... either a) think alike; or b) regurgitate DBB.

[Update: ... or c) sometimes jump the gun. Of all the times I've suspected my ideas being appropriated by other writers and media outlets, this was a poor example to use to air my frustration.

For one, the subject matter is hardly original -- as has been pointed out in the comments, these ideas are already "out there in the vapor." But most importantly, this specific writer deserved the benefit of the doubt, or at least more professional courtesy. As my linking history shows, I've long appreciated his writing and have not suspected "regurgitation" in the past.]

Last week I wrote:

Trouble is, the fact that the Pistons literally don’t have a single "bad contract" on their roster can make it difficult to swing trades — when every player is either a bargain or making market value, it’s impossible to throw another body into a deal just to make the salaries work without getting ripped off.

Here’s a hypothetical example (that’s unrealistic but illustrates my point): say the Pistons and Rockets agreed to swap Rasheed Wallace for Tracy McGrady ($21 million) straight-up. The Rockets know Detroit will have to send back another body or two to make the deal work but don’t really care who it is. Without an expendable $4 million salary to throw-in, Detroit would have to package some of their young bargains simply to make it work. I’d swap Rasheed for McGrady straight up, but would I swap Rasheed, Maxiell and Stuckey for McGrady? No chance. Rasheed and Brown? Now we’re talking.

Today's Keith Langlois wrote:

Let’s take McGrady as an example. He’s due to make $21 million next year. The Pistons have to come pretty close to sending that much money to Houston in order for the trade to be in compliance. But because they don’t have anyone on the roster who’s overpaid, they’d have to trade $21 million worth of real value.

And I don’t care which combination of guys making that kind of money you want to group – Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince; Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess and Jason Maxiell; Rip Hamilton and Wallace – it would be a trade that would represent significant risk for the Pistons.

Just saying.