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Kwame Brown speaks

As mentioned by several readers in the comments of a previous post, Kwame Brown spoke to reporters on Tuesday during an introductory conference call. If you've already made up your mind about his signing, nothing he says in August will change your mind, but at the very least he deserves credit for knowing how to say all the right things.

The Freep, News and MLive all came through with a recap of the conversatin, but for the most bang for your reading buck, Keith Langlois of has the longest, most comprehensive collection of quotes.

On Brown not caring what role he plays:

"I’m just happy to be a Detroit Piston," he said. "I think a lot of things will be answered once we start playing. I’m not concerned about playing time, not concerned if I start. That’s the coaches’ job. I just have to get myself the best prepared as I can."

On his commitment to defense:

"I can’t speak for Mr. Dumars, but I definitely hope he sees in me what a lot of people don’t see," he said. "A lot of people don’t take pride in their defense and don’t tip their hat to guys that go out and stick their nose in there and play hard on defense. I think I’ve been one of the underrated defensive players in the league. I think on this team I’ll have a chance to shine and that’s exactly what this team needs. Every team doesn’t need a big guy that plays defense and runs the court, but this team happens to have that gap in the size they need."

On not living up to expectations early in his career:

"I can sit here and spill out all kinds of stuff, injuries or what have you," Brown said for the reasons his career has stalled. "But I’m not going to do that. The past is the past. I’m not going to disrespect my new organization by saying anything that sounds like an excuse. This is a first for me – I was able to pick and choose from a couple of different teams. This is where I wanted to go and this is where I decided to be and this is my home now."

On dealing with adversity and making the most of his new situation:

"I’ve heard it all. I’ve been through it all. I’m only 26, but I’ve been through things the average man couldn’t imagine. Your shortcomings play out in the media and get blown up tenfold, but whatever you can say negative about Kwame Brown, everybody who’s met me hasn’t had that opinion. Those people don’t know me. Those people haven’t sat down and broken bread with me.

"I’m in the best situation ever. I’m in a situation now where no one is expecting nothing. I came into the league the No. 1 draft pick. Now I’m on the different end of the spectrum."