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Wednesday’s (Mini) Layup Drill

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Just a handful of random links I've been sitting on:

  • Dime Magazine asks if the NBA has its own version of Michael Turner, who quietly sat behind LaDainian Tomlinson for years before signing with the Falcons and exploding for 220 yards against the Lions in his first NFL start:

    Basketball is a different breed. Without highly specified positions, it’s much less common to have a guy who deserves burn, but spends all of his time riding pine. As Team USA proved, you can throw a bunch of guys who play the same position (Chris Paul, Deron Williams) on the floor at the same time and still run through the comp.

    But, on occasions, talent still gets buried beneath talent. With the backcourt locked down by two of the game’s greats - Chauncey and Rip, there isn’t much room for Rodney Stuckey. But after tallying 7.6 points per game last season behind Big Shot, Stuckey showed that he’s capable of far more than that during the postseason. Joe Dumars and Michael Curry are undoubtedly grooming him to replace Chauncey some day, but there are a bunch of NBA teams that would love to have him running the show right now.

  • Speaking of Rodney Stuckey and the NFL, did you know he had a distant cousin on the Jets? Chances are you saw Chansi Stuckey on SportsCenter -- he's the guy who caught that Hail Mary from Brett Favre on Sunday. (hat-tip: joejoejoe)
  • Grant Hill uses a lot of water. (hat-tip: Dave C.)
  • Any DBB readers in Portland looking for some new digs? You can buy Rasheed Wallace's house for the low, low price of $4.9 million. Someone get Lindsey Hunter on the phone ...
  • Old school PSA featuring Isiah Thomas telling kids not to foul out with drugs. Too bad Williams Bedford wasn't paying attention.