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DBB Countdown: Isiah’s 47 points

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There are 47 days left until the Pistons kick off the 2008-09 season.

Speaking of 47, that's the most points Isiah Thomas ever scored in a single game. On December 13, 1983, Isiah led the Pistons over the Nuggets in a 186-184 triple-overtime game for the ages -- 25 years later, it remains the highest-scoring game in league history.

The score sheet is a sight to behold -- Kiki Vandeweghe poured in 51 in a losing effort for the Nuggets, followed by Alex English with 47 and Dan Issel with 28. For the Pistons, John Long tied his career high with 41 while Kelly Tripucka "chipped in" 35. All together, the two teams attempted 251 shots and 117 free throws!

In hindsight, you know what the crazy thing is? Only four of those 251 field-goal attempts came from three-point land. Talking about the game in 2005, Tripucka said that it simply never occurred to teams to attempt many three-pointers:

The 3-point shot had been introduced in the league in 1979, but even freewheeling teams like the Nuggets and Pistons were hesitant to incorporate it (the Nuggets made just 77 3-pointers all season and the Pistons just 32). "It was a shot you took to try to come back when you were down," Tripucka says. "It wasn't a part of anybody's offense. Our feeling was, why not move the ball and move your feet and get a good shot from 15 feet? We were playing old-school basketball, I guess."

If you're lucky, you can catch this game being replayed on NBA TV ... or, if you have 90 minutes set aside, you can watch it here: