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No D-League for Walter Sharpe

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Chris McCosky reports that Michael Curry plans to keep a close eye on Walter Sharpe this year:

"He needs a year here under our watch," Curry said. "He needs structure and stability every day. A guy like (center) Cheikh Samb needs basketball hours -- he's a guy that would benefit more from the D-League. Walter will benefit more from being in this structure every day."

Make no mistake, Sharpe needs "basketball hours" too -- the guy played just 40 games in four years of college -- but given his checkered resume I have to agree that structure and stability is more important. As hectic as the NBA schedule often seems, there's a lot of downtime for players, and keeping Sharpe close to his coaches and teammates can only be a good thing. As Keith Langlois said in August: "Best advice for Sharpe: Attach yourself to Arron Afflalo."

Also, McCosky confirmed that Alex Acker has been added to the training camp roster, which was something I suspected was coming ever since someone left this completely random and defensive comment on a one-year-old post this past weekend. Nice to see Alex's family has discovered DBB.