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Jason Maxiell has some decisions to make

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As Chris McCosky of the Detroit News points out, Jason Maxiell has until the end of training camp (Oct. 31) to decide if he wants to sign an extension or test the waters next year as a restricted free agent:

The Pistons have offered Maxiell a three-year extension worth approximately $15 million. Should he leave that contract on the table, he would play out the final year of his contract this season (earning $1.87 million) and become a restricted free agent -- which means the Pistons could match any contract offer to Maxiell.

Don't be surprised if Maxiell waits. Even if he signs now, he won't actually see a raise until next season (2009-10), and considering there's a chance he'll boost his exposure around the league by starting, he could theoretically play well enough to command the full mid-level next summer, especially considering Rasheed Wallace's contract is up.

On the other hand, teams rarely bother negotiating with restricted free agents these days -- just ask Ben Gordon or Josh Childress -- so "testing the market" doesn't offer quite as much leverage as it sounds. Stay tuned.