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Cowens on Detroit’s young bigs

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This made me laugh:

Pistons assistant coach Dave Cowens had the quote of the day. Talking to a group of sponsors at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, he described Amir Johnson this way: "Amir does a lot of things you can't coach and he can't do a lot of things you can coach."

Cowens, who knows a thing or two about being a productive big man in the NBA, also talked about Kwame Brown:

"He’s really fleet of foot," said Cowens, who in Grand Rapids had said that in his time in the NBA dating back to 1970, Brown moved as well and with the body control he’s rarely seen in a man that size. "He can run like a deer. He’s quick. I was surprised, a guy that size. I think he’s going to do some nice things for us."

[...] "Get him around the basket and put him in the post and he’s got some pretty good moves," he said. "He makes quick decisions. His thing in the past has been as a finisher. He’d get to the right spot and miss a little one and get frustrated. It’s really keeping that focus all the way through the shot and not getting frustrated."