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DBB Countdown: Rasheed’s 40 Techs

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There are 40 days left until the Pistons kick off the 2008-09 season.

Rasheed Wallace ain't scared a y'all. In the 2000-01 NBA season, Sheed was whistled for 40 technical fouls-- an all-time league record. Under today's NBA rules, that would have brought Rasheed 13 suspensions and $85,000 in base fines. Since becoming a Piston, Rasheed has led the league in technical fouls until the most recent season, where his 13 technical fouls earned him 3rd place behind Kobe Bryant and Baron Davis.

Has basketball's most overtly passionate player gone soft in recent history? Is Rasheed's new-found self control a result of changing NBA rules, pressure from the Pistons coaching staff or just late-budding maturity? While the shrinking tech numbers are likely a result of all three, Rasheed Wallace remains a favorite to win at least one title in the coming season-- either as the league's technical foul leader or perhaps an NBA champion once again. Ball don't lie, this guest writer is putting his faith in both.