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DBB Countdown: Chauncey Billups’ 37 Points

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There are 37 days left until the Pistons kick off the 2008-09 season. Guest writer Mike Payne reminisces on Chauncey Billups' career high scoring performance...

When it comes to getting to the line and converting your free throws, few are better than our own Chauncey Billups. In the 2007-08 season, only Peja Stojakovich was more efficient, but on nearly four less attempts per game. This proficiency by Chauncey has frustrated his competition, it has won close games-- and it led Chauncey to his career high shooting performance on January 3rd, 2006. Chauncey led the Pistons to a 108-99 victory over the Orlando Magic with 37 points, 15 from the line.

Billups was 9-of-15 from the floor, including four 3-pointers, and 15-of-17 from the line as Detroit won in its first game since having a nine-game winning streak snapped Saturday at Cleveland.

"I’m just mad I missed those two free throws," Billups said with a grin. "We had a letdown against Cleveland, and we needed to turn that around. We couldn’t let it continue."

On a season where the Pistons won 64 games, they had lost only one game at home prior to the game against Orlando. If it wasn't for Billups performance, it is likely this game would have been Detroit's second home loss of the season. Coach Flip Saunders blamed the tight score on poor defensive performance:

"I was disappointed in the defense, and I told them that at halftime," Saunders said. "These are the dog days, when it seems like the season is never going to end, and it takes a while to get your energy levels up."

On a closing note, a question for DBB readers: How many of you are excited to never read quotes like that again?