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Get to know Will

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PistonsNation has an interesting interview with Will Bynum:

[PN] After a pretty good college career with George Tech you kinda bounced around a little bit, how good did it feel to sign that guaranteed contract with the Pistons?
–-(Will signed a two-year deal, The first year is guaranteed, and the second year is a team option)

[WB] I really don’t consider it "bouncing around" at all. I was on high level teams where I learned a lot which gave me the opportunity to mature as a person as well as a player. The paths of my career is one that I think can be an inspiration to a lot of young people who have to go different routes to achieve their goals in life. Never be discouraged and never give up.

As far as signing that guaranteed contract….it feels really good to know that all my hard work has paid off.

Bynum reminds me a little of Mike James. He's a couple of inches shorter but is quite strong, and at least from what I saw in summer league, plays defense with a great deal of intensity. I'm guessing he won't see regular minutes in the rotation, but I'm curious to see if he can reprise Lindsey Hunter's old role as a spot defender, someone who comes into the game looking to get into the ballhandler's face and disrupt the passing lanes.

In any case, kudos to PN for scoring the interview.