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Some day Walter Sharpe will watch this and laugh

I feel for the guy -- that has to be one of the most painful interviews of someone not running for vice president I've seen in a very long time. On the other hand, it's somewhat amusing to see an NBA guy interviewed before he's mastered the art of cliches. It won't take long before he learns (Update: because they actually teach this stuff, and Henry Abbott is finding out) -- as you'll see below the jump, Arron Afflalo, in his second training camp, has it down pat.

Random segue: I'm not sure Afflalo will ever emerge as a regular starter for the Pistons, but if he were cloned 11 times, I'm convinced a team consisting solely of 12 Afflalo's could post a winning record in the NBA. Also, if you're interested, Kwame Brown speaks. All three interviews come courtesy of WOLV TV, the University of Michigan's student television.