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Curry’s decision is not to make a decision at all

From Ted Kulfan of the Detroit News:

Coach Michael Curry has decided on a familiar starting lineup for Tuesday's game against Charlotte -- with Richard Hamilton in it.

Curry said he'll start his small lineup of Rodney Stuckey and Allan Iverson in the backcourt, and Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rasheed Wallace in the frontcourt.

[...] Curry said he's comfortable with this starting lineup -- especially against Charlotte, Indiana and Oklahoma City this week. All have struggled against the Pistons' small lineup this season.

Still, Curry said either Hamilton or Iverson will be substituted early most games as the Pistons switch to a bigger lineup.

"We want our best players on the court as much as possible," Curry said. "But for 32 minutes (of a game's 48 minutes) we need to be big. A lot of nights Alan or Rip will be subbed kind of early but they'll come back at the start of the second quarter with (Will) Bynum or Stuckey."

hat-tip: Ballerblogger