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Rip Hamilton changes his mind, puts team first

A. Sherrod Blakely got a reassuring exclusive from Rip Hamilton last night:

"Whatever makes us win, I'm going to go ahead and do it," said Hamilton, who returned to action in Tuesday's 80-78 loss to Charlotte after missing the previous eight games with a groin injury.

While Hamilton acknowledges telling a group of reporters last week that he didn't want to come off the bench, he added that his feelings on the matter are consistent with most players who have spent the bulk of their career as starters.

"You can ask anybody who plays the game; nobody wants to come off the bench," Hamilton said.

[...] Iverson, who is also under consideration to move from the starting lineup to a reserve off the bench, echoed similar sentiments.

"If I'm asked to come off the bench, I would think it's to help the team," Iverson said. "But I never felt me coming off the bench would help a team."

Said Hamilton: "I know A.I., I know Tay, I know Sheed. We're in it for one reason and that's to win games. Whatever it is, we'll do it."

It's unclear reading the article if Hamilton's comments came before or after last night's game, but if I had to guess, I'd venture they came after -- and if that's the case, we officially found a silver lining.

Update: this version of the story posted on WDFN's website reveals Rip's comments came before the game.

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