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So, yeah, Allen Iverson is an All-Star

I know Pistons fans should be happy about Allen Iverson's selection, but after watching Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton forced to make the trip as reserves the last several years, it's more than a little weird to see AI arrive, have the season he's had and still finish second among the East's guards. (Although technically, he was listed on the Western side of the ballot ...)

Vince Carter finished third among guards in the East so it's hard to get worked up about someone getting snubbed. It's just a shame the fans are blinded by fame instead of what happens on the court -- Iverson and Carter aren't even the best picks for the All-Star game in their own backcourts, let alone the entire conference.

Not surprisingly, his selection is being used a shining example for what's wrong with the All-Star game. From Doug Smith of the Toronto Star (via The Offbeat)

I have no problem, generally, with letting fans vote for all-star starters but if you let them vote, you have to expect a screw up.

And Allen Iverson starting for the East is a huge screw up.

Everything else is quite understandable and I don’t think you can make an argument with any of them but Iverson?

Seriously, what a waste

Nothing against him personally, I’ve been a huge fan for years, but this season? This season he’s been quite average with gusts below. Both in Denver and Detroit.