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Will Joe trade AI?

It's safer to treat Peter Vecsey's columns as entertainment than fact, but for what it's worth, he dropped this today: "Don't be surprised if Pistons president Joe Dumars trades A.I. before the Feb. 19 deadline, the same team executive e-mailed. 'But only if he can get back a similar expiring contract.' " (via DBB reader Bill Higgins)

Here's the thing, though: Iverson is cap space, and most teams with a similar expiring contract won't be looking to make a lateral move. Unless, of course, Dumars has his eye on the summer of 2010 instead of 2009 and is willing to take on a guy with one year left.

I'm brainstorming here, but AI for Jermaine O'Neal? It'd work under the cap. Is it worth gambling on JO's creaky knees? It depends: how much do you trust Arnie Kander?