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DBB Suite Night III

In my haste to get the arena for last Wednesday's Detroit Bad Boys Suite Night, I forgot my camera. In hindsight it was the best decision I made all night because it gave me the perfect excuse to ask Garrett, who's not only a long-time DBB commenter but also the best wedding photographer in all of Ontario, if I could post his pictures from the night. Here they are:

After I finally got to the arena (I was late, as usual), Pistons communications guy Dave Wieme kicked off the night by giving us a behind-the-scenes tour of the Palace, visiting some of the bunker suites and VIP lounges that most of us only hear about.

From there we had a chance to watch the team warm up from courtside, which I'm pretty sure was the highlight of everyone's night. That's also when we met up with my good friend Natalie, who has a blog of her own I'm sure you've seen. Eventually we grabbed some dinner and headed upstairs to the suite to watch the Pistons celebrate the (alleged) death of smallball with their biggest win of the season.

This was the third time the Pistons have hosted a DBB suite night, and on behalf of everyone who made it out (Garrett, Brad, Brandon, Jan, Zach and everyone's friends and family), I'd like to thank the organization -- and Mr. Wieme in particular -- for making it happen.