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Rip wants your clothes

I'm re-printing this in its entirety from, but I'm guessing no one will mind:

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton and the Rip City Foundation will be collecting donations of clothing for all ages, household items and linens to help families ravaged by arson fire attacks in his hometown of Coatesville, PA during Friday’s game vs. Boston at The Palace of Auburn Hills (7:00 p.m.). Drop-off locations include the West Atrium and the Comcast Pavilion.

Over 30 arson fires have been reported in Coatesville, PA since the beginning of 2008, about half of them in the last three weeks. The latest fire tore through a block of row houses on Saturday, damaging 15 homes, leaving several dozen people homeless and prompting city officials to declare a state of emergency.

The Pistons’ star will be loading donated items on trucks that will depart for his hometown on Saturday, January 31 for distribution by the Rip City Foundation. For any fans wishing to contribute to the relief efforts monetarily, checks paid to the order of the Rip City Foundation can be sent to P.O. Box 358, Thorndale, PA, 19372 or by calling (610) 696-5916.

Update: from the Detroit News:

"It's been a sad couple of months," Hamilton said. "Fifty families have lost their homes and everything in it. I am just putting a drive together, just asking fans and my teammates to donate anything -- money, a toaster oven, clothes, kids clothes, anything they can. I am going to fill up a couple of U-Hauls and send it back to help these people re-start their lives."