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On the All-Star Reserves

Technical difficulties are delaying my post on last night's T-Wolves/Pistons game, so I thought I'd move on to general NBA news.

The NBA All-star reserves were announced tonight, and this is as close as the coaches have gotten to getting it entirely right. No Jamaal Magloires, BJ Armstrongs or James Donaldsons, and a lot of smart picks.

In the East, my only quibble is the inclusion of Rashard Lewis. I wonder if a number of coaches felt compelled to include a second Magic player, and split their vote between Lewis and Jameer Nelson. Nelson has absolutely earned the spot with his extraordinary shooting performance, but Lewis is a one dimensional player.

Danny Granger's extraordinary run, coupled with Allen Iverson's absurd inclusion as a starter, conspired to rob Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen of their slots. The real snub is Vince Carter, who has quietly put together one of the best seasons of his career. I would take him over Lewis in a heartbeat.

In the West, I was particularly happy to see Chauncey, Parker, and Shaq recognized for their efforts. I find David West's inclusion rather puzzling, however. Last year, he was a shining example of coaches doing their homework and picking a lesser-known player. This year, I wonder if momentum simply carried him.

Carmelo Anthony is the headline "snub" from this year's all-star class, but what has he done that David West hasn't done? He has only been the third best player on his own team. The real loser, and the best player locked out of the all-star game, is Al Jefferson. He had an uphill battle, with a reputation for lousy defense and the T-Wolves' tough start.

But if the biggest snubs are Al Jefferson (who is a virtual lock for next year, and many years to come) and Vince Carter (who has had his share of undeserved selections), you have to hand it to the coaches. It is an imperfect process, but the fans will be treated to excellent rosters on both sides of the court.

Now we can all anxiously await the announcement of the participants in the NBA skills competition.