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Why don't the Pistons do this for their fans?

I've been looking around the NBA pages a lot lately, since the exhibition season is about to begin. When I stumbled across the Golden State Warriors team page, I noticed something really awesome I wish the Pistons would do for their fans.

On the Warriors page they have a link to an area specifically dedicated to training camp. In that section fans can watch exclusive player interviews, interviews that last roughly five minutes or even longer, and sneak peeks at actual live/old practices via Ustream.

I understand the concerns of doing something like this. For starters, it could provide other teams an open look at the teams' schemes, although you can't really hear anything that's going on. Another thing I could see this affecting is the media. A lot of sources get plenty of their readers from fans wanting to know how camp is going and how everyone is playing. If fans can just watch the practices themselves then they wouldn't really need the media updates from the likes of the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Pistons blogs, etc. It might be a stretch, but I wouldn't be surprised if these were legitimate reasons why some teams don't, and won't, do it..

That being said, I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. It's a great way to let fans see how hard the team is working and just another way to get the fans interested and excited for the season. Ultimately, it could help sell more tickets.

The Warriors aren't the only team opening up to this. Portland is another that is putting clips of their practices and player interviews from training camp up on their website for fans to see. It's these teams that realize the online communities are only going to grow and they're accommodating those fans accordingly.

I want to know if/when the Pistons are going to start doing this for their fans. Considering the Pistons have one of the bigger fan bases in the league, it'd be quite the treat.

Do you think this would be a good idea?