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Charlie Villanueva likely to miss two more preseason games

It looks like we won't be seeing CV31 getting into the mix until Saturday.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

Forward Charlie Villanueva said today he will likely miss two more preseason games and is shooting for Saturday's exhibition at Memphis for his Detroit Pistons debut.

Villanueva has said that if this were the regular season, he would be playing. That's definitely a comforting statement for any of you who are worried this could be something serious, as any time a guy misses five games due to an injury, the question of whether it is serious starts to creep back into the mind.

I think as fans we should be glad the Pistons are taking it slow with Villanueva's hammy. While having him play is definitely instrumental to helping Coach Q develop a rotation for the season, and something we're all anxiously waiting for, Villanueva's health is most important. This team's success during the regular season will hinge directly on what he can provide for the team and having him play with a nagging hamstring injury will not maximize that production level.

Assuming CV31 is ready to return on Saturday, three games should be more than enough time for Kuester to get a good look at how Villanueva's presence will impact the lineup for the upcoming season. We're all getting antsy to see what this team is capable of with him in the lineup, but I assure you there is plenty of time for that, when it is not at the expense of his hamstring.

Hopefully, he'll be full strength on Saturday.