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DetroitBadBoys 2009-10 Fantasy Basketball

It's that time of year again. With the 2009-10 regular season just weeks away, Fantasy NBA Basketball is upon us. This year, we'll be running at least two separate leagues with 12 players each, based on standard Yahoo! Fantasy scoring. We'll need someone to step up as commissioner of the 2nd league, and if needed, the 3rd league as well. If you're interested, email dbbfantasy -at- gmaildotcom and we'll work out the details.

What happened last season in DBB's Fantasy League:

Regular Season:

  1. Maxiell Day Care (Mike Payne): 114w - 72L - 3T
  2. CSKA Sweet Pea ( joejoejoe ): 103W - 83L -3T
  3. Jack Dutch (Jack Dutch): 102W - 83L - 4T


  1. Jack Dutch (Jack Dutch) 6-3 win over Blaha's Brigade (Garrett)
  2. Blaha's Brigade (Garrett) 5-3 win over Small Ball Gladiator (Steve in OH)
  3. Small Ball Gladiator (Steve in OH) 5-4 win over Maxiell Day Care (Mike Payne)

Congrats to Jack Dutch on the win. You will not repeat, you rotten punk! Oh and a special shout out to team Save Fennis, managed by our own Matt Watson, who came in a very distant 12th place with 63 wins and 124 losses. Ouch...

If you're in League 1, you've already gotten an automated email from Yahoo to re-up. Act fast, we'll need to begin bringing in commenters here to join in your place if you don't sign up soon. If you'd like to be the commissioner of League 2, send an email to dbbfantasy -at- gmaildotcom. I'll reply with some info so you can get started. If you're interested in playing, you'll also need to email dbbfantasy -at- gmaildotcom, and you might also want to mention your interest in the comments below. We're short on time, so we'll need to do this fast so we can get the draft ready before game one. Good luck everyone!