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Tayshaun Prince most likely out for the rest of preseason


That pesky little cut under Tayshaun Prince's right big toe shouldn't affect his availability for the regular season opener next week. But it's significant enough to where it will likely keep him off the floor in Detroit's remaining preseason games.

I'm shocked that a "little cut" could be so serious, but the Pistons aren't taking any chances. The preseason means absolutely nothing and Tayshaun is an already proven player. It would be stupid to let him play and allow the cut to re-open. By sitting him the rest of the preseason, the cut should be healed by the first game of the season. If they let him play and it did re-open, the Pistons would have to sit him during games that actually matter. Savvy move by the Pistons and Arnie Kander.

Tayshaun injured the big toe last week when he was inadvertently kicked by the Wizards' Javel McGee, a native of Michigan.