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Has Jerebko passed Maxiell?

While discussing Jonas Jerebko last week, I tempered my praise with the following disclaimer:

I still don’t see how he could possibly get regular minutes (unless you sit Maxiell or Wilcox, he’s the 12th man), but who knows?

Lo and behold, Ted Kulfan reported the following on Monday:

Kuester started rookie Jonas Jerebko in Prince's spot and Jerebko responded with 12 points. He appears to have moved ahead of Chris Wilcox and Jason Maxiell in the rotation.

Maxiell is often described as an "undersized" four (a complete misnomer given his tremendous reach, leaping ability and strength), but truth be told he's the purest power forward of the bunch -- and that's not necessarily a good thing. Keith Langlois has more on the three-way competition between Jerebko, Wilcox and Maxiell, noting how Maxiell is facing an uphill battle given Wilcox's ability to help at center and Jerebko's ability to help at the three.

I still like Maxiell's future in this league, but I'm curious what Joe Dumars would do if he could take a mulligan on the $20 million he gave Maxiell last summer.