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NBA Regular Season Tips Off

Tonight is the opening night of the 2009-2010 season, officially tipping off with the Boston Celtics taking on the Cavs at 7:30 PM EST. An hour later, the Wizards will take on the Mavericks in Dallas. Rockets at Blazers and Clippers at Lakers will provide the (late) night cap beginning at 10 PM EST and 10:30 PM EST, respectively.

Honestly, now that the season is finally here, it feels like the NBA Finals just completed and we were just getting into the swing of offseason issues. I know a lot of you feel like the new season couldn't come quick enough, and it really couldn't considering how miserable last season was. Trust me, I'm glad it's finally here so we can actually talk about concrete issues and analyze games that actually mean something in the standings. It's just too bad the Pistons don't play until tomorrow night.

To hold you over until tomorrow night's game, I've put together some Pistons links worthy of reading after the jump. Also, if you're going to be watching tonight's games, you can use this post as an open thread to share your thoughts, etc.

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27-year streak is on the line for the Red Wings and Pistons -- Freep

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Best and worst of the 10/23 box scores - Life on Dumars

NBA Predictions-- Detroit4lyfe

Some uniform notes -- PistonsNation

Eastern Conference previews-- San Diego News Network

Again, if you're going to be watching tonight's games, you can use this as an open game thread to share your thoughts, etc. Enjoy the games and welcome back to the regular season of the NBA.