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Rip Hamilton questionable for OKC

From the Free Press:

Hamilton hurt his ankle with five minutes left in the Memphis game when he landed on O.J. Mayo’s foot. Hamilton shot two free throws and eventually left the court for treatment.

He spent practice Thursday with his foot and ankle in ice under the watchful eye of Arnie Kander, the team’s strength and conditioning coach.

"It’s hurting and it’s sore; it hurts more than yesterday when it happened," said Hamilton. "Hopefully it’ll get better soon. We don’t think about not playing. I’ve been locked up all night since it happened. We haven’t taken off the tape to get a good look at it.

This is where having that $58 million sixth man comes in handy, no? I'm also curious to see how Austin Daye and Jonas Jerebko fit into the rotation now that they're done serving their one-game suspensions. Are the Pistons really planning on going 10 or 11 deep every night?