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Pistons-Thunder Game Thread

Coverage Begins at 8:00 pm ET

If you have cable, this one should be a freebie on NBA TV.

Oklahoma: 1-0 (0-0 road)
Margin: +13.0

Pistons: 1-0 (0-0 home)
Margin: +22.0

Oppo research

The Thuns are coming off a convincing home win against the Kings on Wednesday, which is approximately as impressive as Detroit's thrashing of Memphis. In that game, the starting five logged heavy minutes (Kevin Durant and Jeff Green combined for 81).

Holding any team to 89 points is impressive, so the Pistons can expect some tough defense tonight. They can also expect a shallow bench, since, well, that's what the Thunder bring to the table. Given Kevin Martin's performance on Wednesday, you'd like to see Rip Hamilton suit up.

The Pistons, though, have won five straight at home against the Thunder, and I'm not sure this team can lock down Detroit's suddenly potent offense.

The Drama:

This is a good "are you for real?" test for both teams. OKC is a sleeper playoff team on some radars (but not mine), while the Pistons may be the biggest unknown quantity in the league.

Keys for Detroit

Crash the boards: Detroit beat Memphis in spite of a horrendous performance on the boards. OKC is not a particularly great rebounding team, so we need to make some headway here.

Force Westbrook into turnovers: Russell Westbrook had a monstrously efficient game because he was allowed to run the offense unscathed. Is he the new Rajon Rondo? Not tonight, hopefully.

Do something cool: The Pistons have an opportunity to present some intriguing lineups, and force some unpleasant defensive switches. Let's see what this roster can do.

Question of the Game

Which team is for real? Both teams are coming of big wins against mediocre squads. This game will say a lot about the prospects of both teams.