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Yes, an actual game!

Yes, the rumors are true, the highlights you've seen from other games around the league aren't a mirage -- (preseason) NBA basketball is back! In just a few hours, the 2009-10 Detroit Pistons will tip-off (7:30 PM, Fox Sports Detroit) against the Miami Dwyane Wades Heat.

If you're somewhere local, I hope you tune in (and if you're somewhere non-local, I hope the internet gods bestow a live stream to you), because of the eight preseason games, only two will be televised on basic cable (a third will be on NBA TV). Doesn't seem all that fair to tease fans like that, but that's what we've got.

I'll be at the game for FanHouse, but join your fellow DBB brethren in the comment section as we get our first taste of the new-look Detroit Pistons. Enjoy!