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Pistons and Bucks game thread

If an NBA game is played in a forest and no one is there to televise it, did it really happen? We'll find out: the ball tips at 7:30 PM between the Bucks and the Pistons, but unless you're headed to the Palace or sitting next to a radio (you can hear a radio stream here update: no audio stream tonight), you'll have to settle for refreshing a box score over and over and over.

(It's a shame Fox Sports Detroit couldn't have picked it up, but you know, they're airing a thrilling edition of the Air Race World Series, followed by a Red Wings season preview, and then a Steve Yzerman retrospective. Live sports just can't compete with that.)

Charlie Villanueva will be sitting this one out yet again, missing a grudge match against his former team that showed zero interest in re-signing him this summer. Check out BrewHoop for a Milwaukee view of the game, and then leave your thoughts (and better yet, a link to a video stream, if there's one out there) in the comments.