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Jonas Jerebko and Jamaal Magloire Suspended

As I figured, and MLIVE reported, Jonas Jereb-K.O. has been penalized for his scrum with Jamaal Magloire and allegedly throwing a punch during the first preseason game. No? You don't like Jereb-K.O.? Not a new sobriquet there?

Okay, well anyway, from Detroit Bad Boys (via the AP):

Miami Heat center Jamaal Magloire and Detroit’s Jonas Jerebko have been suspended by the NBA for their altercation in a preseason game.

Magloire was penalized two games for starting the altercation and striking Jerebko in the face with 5:04 left in the fourth quarter of Detroit’s 87-83 victory on Monday. Jerebko was suspended one game for retaliating and hitting Magloire in the face.

The NBA says Thursday that both players would serve their suspensions beginning with the first regular-season games they are physically able to play.

So, assuming he stays healthy, Jerebko won't be playing in Memphis on October 28th.