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Detroit’s fighting Swede penalized

From the AP:

Miami Heat center Jamaal Magloire and Detroit's Jonas Jerebko have been suspended by the NBA for their altercation in a preseason game.

Magloire was penalized two games for starting the altercation and striking Jerebko in the face with 5:04 left in the fourth quarter of Detroit's 87-83 victory on Monday. Jerebko was suspended one game for retaliating and hitting Magloire in the face.

The NBA says Thursday that both players would serve their suspensions beginning with the first regular-season games they are physically able to play.

Update: In my FanHouse post, I included some post-game quotes from Jerebko reacting to the incident:

Jerebko, a second-round pick out of Sweden, clearly didn't think much of the incident, the type of physical play that happens a dozen times a night in hockey, his native country's favorite sport. He also didn't think twice about retaliating, despite giving up 40 pounds and nine years of experience to Magloire.

"We're rookies, but if you get us, we got to get you back. [It's] Detroit basketball." When asked if he thought he caught Magloire by surprise, Jerebko didn't mince words. "He's a dirty player and that's what he makes a living off of. ... Maybe he thinks he can play with us, but he can't. We're pretty tough out here."

The words jump off the page when you see them transcribed, but for what it's worth, they were said with soft-spoken confidence, not brash arrogance.