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Pistons-Bucks Game Wrap

What Happened

Good question. For the second game in a row, the Pistons were cruising until the second half. The Bucks made some defensive adjustments, but it's pretty hard to credit defensive adjustments with a 36-14 quarter and 41-14 run overall. Detroit flat out stopped playing basketball.

The Good

Ben Gordon completely dominated the first half, as Detroit held a 16 point lead and seemed ready to cruise to a blowout victory. Ben Wallace continues to be the only player at all concerned about hitting the glass. He is now averaging 10.3 per game, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he continues to do so for the remainder of the season. He also hit all four of his free throws, tripling his percentage on the season to 50%.

The Bad

MFWB, which, for newer readers, stands for Most Frightening Will Bynum. It is tempting to insert CV here, since he was unwatchable for about 17 of his 20 minutes. The other three, though keyed a run that kept the Pistons in the game, and he actually had a reasonably efficient night offensively. Oh, and Detroit has posted back to back losses to lousy teams. That's bad.


Gordon, obviously.

The Eric Stoltz Unsung Hero

Tayshaun Prince stepped in with a couple key buckets to keep the game from getting uglier than it was late. As teams continue to adjust to the Gordon-Stuckey attack, the team needs Prince to become a bit more, um, sung.

The Takeaway

With Detroit's defense being what it is, blowing leads is something we are all going to have to get used to. That said, it is troubling to see a complete lack of effort this early in the season. Um, bring on Orlando?

Elsewhere in the NBA

Some big nights from some young promising players. Danilo Galinari took 16 (!) three pointers, but sank eight of them en route to 30 points. In the same game, Marreese Speights dropped 20 and 10 off the bench. How often does that happen? Not very. You know why? Because guys who put up 20 and 10 typically start.

Team MIT is off to a 2-1 start after an impressive win over the Portland Trailblazers. Of course, they're 0-1-2 on Daryl Morey's league standings.