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Charlie Villanueva Learns to be an Ambi-Turner

It's raining wear I am and I'm swamped with work, but when I came across this video on the Pistons website of Rodney Stuckey teaching Charlie Villanueva about the "Michigan Left," my spirits were lifted a little.

I thought you might enjoy this promo too, if you haven't already seen it:

This kind of reminds me when I saw Richard Hamilton in Birmingham a couple years ago getting out from the back seat of an Aston Martin. I wasn't sure whether to be in more awe of Richard Hamilton or the Aston Martin. Anyway, it wasn't exactly for a special occasion -- he was getting Cold Stone -- so I wondered why he was being driven around. Personally, I don't like being chauffeured, so naturally, I didn't understand why Rip would want a driver either. Now it all makes sense -- he never had someone teach him about the Michigan lefts.

And if you don't know what an ambi-turner is, go watch Zoolander.