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Talking Pistons on "The Dagger Report"

As I mentioned last night, I spoke with Mike Prada of Bullets Forever (SB Nation's Wizards blog) and Kyle from Truth About It (ESPN's True Hoop blog) about the upcoming PIstons/Wizards match up in their latest installment of "The Dagger Report."

I was on conference call with them for about half an hour where we discussed everything from Ben Wallace's dabbling in the fountain of youth to my predictions for Saturday.

You may not be too thrilled with my guess at the score, but I assure you it's all apart of my plan to jinx the outcome in Detroit's favor. I've never been very good at predicting individual games, as I think I'm 15 under .500 predicting NFL games this season. (And maybe since this was my first appearance on any form of radio/podcast, I wanted to appease the hosts).

If you're interested in listening to what I had to say about the Pistons, you can listen here. I come on the air about half way through. You can subscribe to the "The Dagger Report" on iTunes here.

I'd love it if you'd share your thoughts regarding the questions they asked me in the comments below.