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Maxiell’s gas guzzlers

Jason Maxiell talks about his rides -- including a '70 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, a '73 Chevy Caprice, an '89 Camaro and a Ford F-450 -- are over at

Yeah, it's fluff, but his loyalty to American-made products will likely interest Detroit fans. And as a fellow 6-foot-7 driver, I couldn't agree more with him here:

At 6'7" and 260 pounds, Maxiell has just one small request for automakers. "They really don't favor the big guy, big fellows," he says. "I'd like to see more of a bigger inside on cars, especially Cadillacs. I love Cadillacs. I plan on my next older car to be a '91 Fleetwood, so if GM could make a car that's big inside like that, that'd be great. I agree with the fuel economy, save gas. But in between, like a bigger car with a bigger interior, it would be great."

Hat-tip: Vince Ellis, who, as it happens, also has an interesting Q&A with Rip Hamilton worth your time.