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Game 12: Detroit Pistons @ Portland Trail Blazers [Game Thread]

NBA Regular Season

Game 12



5-6 (2-4 away)

8-4 (3-2 home)

The Rose Garden

Blazers Blog: Blazers Edge

November 18, 2009 10:00 PM ET
TV: Fox Sports Detroit Radio: 97.1 The Ticket
Probable starters:
Rodney Stuckey PG Andre Miller
Ben Gordon SG Brandon Roy
Jonas Jerebko SF Steve Blake
Charlie Villanueva PF Lamarcus Aldridge
Ben Wallace
C Greg Oden
The task doesn't get any easier for the Pistons after leaving LA defeated late last night. Less than 24 hours later the Pistons are back on the hardwood floor taking on the 8-4 Portland Trail Blazers, formerly known as the Jail Blazers.

Blazers have started rolling with the three guard look ever since Nate McMillan plugged iron-man Andre Miller into the starting lineup. With the way Will Bynum has been playing lately, it makes you wonder if Kuester will counter with three guards of his own at tip off.

The Pistons and Blazers are two of the slowest teams in the NBA in terms of pace (29th and 28th respectively), so expect a half-court, defensive grind tonight, especially with the Pistons presumably a little worn out from playing their fourth game in five nights and traveling across the country.

I want to see the Pistons try and get Charlie Villanueva going early. He was off(ul) last night and finished with just two points and two rebounds. Kuester sniffed it out fairly early as he wound up only playing 23 minutes. He should be the freshest of all the Pistons offensive threats (if you're not counting Austin Daye), so that's who I'd attack with first.

If you thought the Pistons had a tough time guarding a the groin hindered Kobe Bryant last night, they may have some troubles with a healthy Brandon Roy, right? After all, Ron Artest said Roy is better than Kobe (what a crock). In all seriousness, Roy has to be a main focus of the Pistons defensive game plan tonight.

Take a couple minutes to watch the scouting report and maybe even meander over to Blazers Edge and take a peek at their solid preview.

Then hustle back and share your thoughts here as the game is going on. Attendance has been dismal around here during games, so let's step our games up.