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Pistons-Blazers Game Thread

Game tips at 10:00 pm ET

TV info update: The game will be shown in its entirety on FOX Sports Detroit PLUS (find out what channel that is for your provider here), but will also be joined in progress on FOX Sports Detroit (FSD) at the conclusion of Red Wings postgame coverage (approx. 10:15).

Portland: 8-4 (3-2 home)
Margin: +7.2

Pistons: 5-6 (2-4 road)
Margin: +0.5

Oppo research

The Trail Blazers are an interesting team. Only two players, Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge, play more than 30 mpg. By an large, however, this is an ensemble effort. Is it working? Sort of.

Last year, Portland bested team with outstanding three point shooting, combined league-leading offensive rebounding. They also played at the league's slowest pace (an attribute shared with last year's Pistons team).

This year, the shooting is a bit off. Andre Miller has proven to be a poor fit with Portland's oeuvre, and fully four players are shooting under 40% from the field. Nonetheless, the Blazers are besting opponents with strong defense and rebounding.

The Drama:

Two of the league's most methodical teams are meeting. Unless Greg Oden gets injured again, this will be a drama-free evening.

Keys for Detroit

Crash the boards: I have the feeling I can just cut and paste this one for the remainder of the season. The Lakers owned us on the boards last night.

Perimeter D: Kobe Bryant had his way with the Pistons defense. Brandon Roy will happily do the same. The Pistons need an answer, here.

Get to the line: The Blazers are still capable of a fouling extravaganza, and taking advantage will have the added benefit of keeping the bigs out of the game.

Question of the Game

Is Will Bynum the star of this team? He registered a team-leading 36 minutes last night, and responded with a monster performance. He leads the team in PER (as he did last year), and it might be time to codify his expanded role.