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Thanks, But No Thanks: Cavs 98, Pistons 88

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. One thing I appreciate on this glorious holiday is the "never say die" attitude the Pistons display in games where they look completely out of it. However, I'd be much more thankful if the Pistons could sustain that effort throughout the course of a game, as opposed to the 'too little, too late' surges they have late in games.

That was the story for the Pistons on Wednesday night against the Cavaliers in their first game back from a tough west coast trip. Detroit fell behind by 18 to the Cavs after the first half, a deficit they weren't able to recover from (even with a strong second half performance).

The Cavs were shooting out of their minds in the first half, hitting 61% of their shots. I felt the Pistons did a decent job answering the Cavs' baskets to keep the game within 10 in the first quarter, or else it would have achieved ugly status a lot earlier.

Like the Pistons have been prone to do lately when falling behind big, they nearly surmounted the Cavs double-digit lead late in the game, pulling to within five with just a couple minutes remaining in the game. Unfortunately, the Cavs hit the big shots when they needed them and Detroit fell to 5-10 on the season, losing their sixth straight game.

Rodney Stuckey led the way for the Pistons, scoring 25 points on 8-16 shooting. He was the commander of the late charge that came up short. That dece player [sic] on the Cavs had 34 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists.

More thoughts after the jump:

  • Ben Gordon sprained his ankle when it landed on Lebron James' foot near the end of the 2nd quarter. He returned after Pistons' timeout, but did not return in the 2nd half. It's up in the air what his status will be, but I can't imagine him not missing any games. Austin Daye started the second half at the two spot. Just what the Pistons needed was another injury to one of its best players. Luckily, Rip should be back soon. I'll keep you posted on Gordon.
  • Will Bynum turned in his worst performance of the season (arguably when they needed him to step up the most). His performance was very Ben Gordon vs. Dallas like in that he shot 1-13 from the field and was 2-4 at the line. He did have five assists, though.
  • Pistons outrebounded the Cavs 43-35, which I think is somewhat impressive given the Cavs had more opportunities for rebounds.
  • Charlie V had 19 points and eight rebounds. He also had two blocks and was 3-5 from downtown. All around acceptable.
  • Cavs only played eight players and five of them scored in double figures.
  • I watched most of the game while I was at a friend's last night. I caught most of the finish at a bar in Royal Oak, but re-watched the game today on before my Thanksgiving feast. I apologize that this recap wasn't more timely.
  • Highlights:
  • Box score
  • Again, I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and that their meals were delicious enough to wash out the bad taste the Lions and Pistons have left in our mouths.
  • Pistons play the Clippers tomorrow night at the Palace. 8 PM EST tip-off.