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Clippers @ Pistons Game Thread

Game tips at 8:00 pm ET

Los Angeles: 6-10 (2-5 road)
Margin -3.8

Pistons: 5-10 (3-3 home)

Oppo research

It's a battle of the season's two most star-crossed teams. The new-look Clippers look quite a bit like the old-look Clippers after an injury has sidelined first overall pick Blake Griffin. Wednesday saw the return of up-and-comer Eric Gordon, who was producing before going down with a groin injury.

As usual, Chris Kaman has made a feast of other's famine. He is putting up career numbers in Griffin's absence, and Marcus Camby has performed competently, if unremarkably.

Like the Cavaliers, however, the Clippers are relying on an absurdly low opposing three-point percentage, which partly offsets turnovers and poor rebounding. As strange as it sounds for a team featuring perennial rebounding leaders Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby, the Clippers are 25th in rebounding rate. Too bad, considering Baron Davis seems to play as though his contract pays him by the brick.

The Drama:

Ummm. Didn't Chris Wilcox play for the Clippers? Maybe all the injured players can get together for a pre-game round of NBA 2k10.

Keys for Detroit

Manage something from the three point range: I have the feeling I can cut and paste this one for the rest of the year.

Get the ball in the hands of Baron Davis: This can be achieved by putting pressure on Eric Gordon, who is a much more efficient scorer, and not really a play-maker.

Sound the gong: Big Ben should have a field day in general, and the Pistons will need a strong rebounding and defensive effort to offset their injuries.

Question of the Game

Daye at the 2? It's like Nellie-ball in reverse. How about Kwame at the 1?