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Afternoon Shootaround: The Ageless Ben Wallace, Jason Maxiell's Sweet Story, and Allen Iverson Doesn't Like the Bench...Shocker

A little afternoon shootaround the interwebs before tonight's big game against the Orlando Magic:

Balls_medium Patrick Hayes, who is doing a great job filling in for Dave Dial Justin Rogers over at Full Court Press, takes an in-depth look at the first week of the season. I don't think anyone expected Ben Wallace to be the team MVP in the first week, but he undoubtedly made the biggest impact with his stifling defense.

Balls_medium I love how wrong I was about Ben Wallace. He has been phenomenal on defense and doesn't look a year over 30. Coach John Kuester claims he is going to try and rest him some so he doesn't wear down, but Ben Wallace doesn't want to take it easy. I think the extent of Detroit's success is contingent on him staying healthy.

Balls_mediumI was slightly disappointed with John Mason's introductions of the new players. If you're interested in hearing the 2009-2010 home opener introductions, capped off with a touching tribute to the late Bill Davidson, head over to Need4Sheed.

Balls_mediumIs anyone shocked that Allen Iverson is already complaining about coming off the bench after just one game? That's the ultimate rhetorical question for which we all know "The Answer."

Balls_medium Jesse over at Pistons Nation has the best Jason Maxiell story you probably haven't heard. Despite the fact he's a ferocious forward, eats babies, and everyone says he's a badass, I think Jason's kind of a sweetheart.

Balls_mediumCharlie Villanueva sent a message to Pistons fans after the third game: Don't hit the panic button. He also wanted to know why Milwaukee fans were booing him. Both should be non-issues. Pistons fans should relax considering we're only three games into the season and who cares if Bucks fans are booing the opponent. That's what fans do.

Balls_medium Can the Pistons stop Dwight Howard tonight? Apparently Greg Kelser and Ben Wallace are going to show you how at 7 PM EST on Fox Sports Detroit before the 7:30 PM EST tip off.