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The one that got away?

Chase Budinger is already a productive rotation player -- on Monday, he helped the Rockets upset the Jazz in Salt Lake City with 17 points and five boards -- which, if you're counting at home, is 17 points and three rebounds more than Detroit's three rookies combined this season.

This means nothing, of course; roles, more than anything else, determine production in the NBA, and Budinger would be riding the pine in Detroit. But still, considering the Pistons sold Budinger to the Rockets for a future second-rounder and some cash (and considering the Pistons then proceeded to enter the season with an empty roster spot), I'll always look at his stat line and wonder what could have been.

(And, yes, the same goes for DeJuan Blair, especially as DaJuan Summers racks up the DNP-CD's -- because if Blair can get burn on the Spurs, he'd probably be starting for the Pistons)

Update: More coulda, woulda, shoulda thinking at Full-Court Press ...