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Hamilton out … again

It's official:

Detroit Pistons coach John Kuester on Monday said Hamilton will not play Tuesday when the Pistons face the Orlando Magic. Kuester added Hamilton would be "day-to-day" after that.

The good news is that Ben Gordon is kind of awesome and will continue to produce with more playing time. The bad news, though, is that the rest of Detroit's backcourt is redundant without Rip. As DBB reader Quick Darshan pointed out in the comments:

The three guard lineup with Rip and BG out there was deadly in the first game. The three guard lineup with Bynum and Stuckey not so much.

It’s got to be Bynum/BG/Rip or Stuckey/BG/Rip. It looks like at least two of the players out there need to be able to operate without the ball and spot up.

I used to think that Bynum and BG was the pairing that needed to be limited the most because of their height. Now, I believe it’s Bynum and Stuckey.

For reference, Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum have combined to shoot 18-for-57 (31.5%) the last two games, and they're 2-for-11 (18%) on the season from three-point land. Those figures should eventually rise, but perhaps not against a dominant defensive team like the Magic.

(The Magic, incidentally, are dealing with injuries at the starting two-guard spot themselves, although Vince Carter will play if he's able to participate in the morning shootaround.)