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Update on Charlie Villanueva's Broken Nose & Ben Gordon's Ankle Injury

Charlie Villanueva in pre-op for his nasal surgery on Monday.  (Via @CV31 on Twitter)
Charlie Villanueva in pre-op for his nasal surgery on Monday. (Via @CV31 on Twitter)

Charlie Villanueva had successful nasal surgery and septum realignment today at the Detroit Medical Center. The good news is that it's not out of the question that he and Ben Gordon are available Wednesday night against the Bulls.

Via True Blue Pistons:

Good news, or something close enough for a team that’s experienced nothing but wrenching injury news since the opening night of the NBA season: Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva are both questionable for the Pistons’ next game, Wednesday at Chicago, and "questionable" is a big step up from "out.

CV is going to be fitted for a Rip Hamilton-esque mask and hopefully, will be allowed to play. You'd think that it'd be pretty clear whether or not he could play -- getting knocked in the nose again makes it worse until fully healed (can't play) or odds of re-injury are same as any basketball game with or without recent surgery (can play) -- but it appears there is a little more to it that I'm not aware of despite having the same surgery in college and being allowed to resume baseball (not basketball) activities the next day.

Gordon's ankle situation might be a little more delicate, as the Pistons will probably have to wait until tomorrow to see how it responds to shooting around on it today. Gordon says he hopes he can practice tomorrow and will then be ready for Wednesday.

In other injury news, Prince is apparently improving as well. Prince shot around with no tentativeness today and appears to be ahead of Hamilton in returning to the lineup.