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Morning Shootaround: Missing Rip the player, not the rapper; Chris Kaman's face; D-League Washington; and Dwight Howard's Potty Mouth

This was successful before the Magic game, so why not do it again? Your morning shootaround the interwebs.

Balls_medium About a week late on this, but if you haven't already seen the Pistons least favorite Halloween candy then you must. Contrary to popular belief, bars of soap do not make for a good treat.

Balls_medium Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press writes that Richard Hamilton is sorely missed. I'd say so. 1-0 record with him and 1-3 without him. To play devil's advocate. those are hardly adequate sample sizes, we probably would have beaten Memphis anyway, and we beat the Magic without him.

Balls_medium Pistons beat writer, Keith Langlois, says Rodney Stuckey misses Richard Hamilton the most. Mr. Langlois has the RIP-ple effects of Hamilton's absence on Stuckey and the other Pistons.

Balls_medium Justin Rogers of MLIVE ripped a trade idea from the radio airwaves: Tayshaun Prince for Chris Kaman. Does it make sense? Click over to find out. I will say, Kaman is fugly.

Balls_medium Your favorite waived Piston from the preseason, Deron Washington, was drafted third overall in the D-League draft by the Los Angeles D-fenders. I wish him the best, but let's just hope we never see him make it big with the Lakers.

Balls_medium Henry Abbott of the True Hoop network had kind words about the Pistons after their big win over the Orlando Magic. He doesn't think they won "by chance," but Dwight Howard begs to differ on his blog.

Balls_medium Speaking of Dwight Howard, he sure does have a poop mouth.

Balls_medium Former Pistons beat writer on MLIVE, A. Sherrod Blakely, is moving to "greener" pastures. He'll be the Celtics writer over at the relaunched Comcast SportsNet New England. That's an unfortunate loss for MLIVE and A. Sherrod's fans, like myself. (H/T DBB)

Balls_medium Rip's ankle is sprained and his rapping is... fo' sheezy? (H/T to DBB Twitter)

Balls_medium The "Team Need4Sheed" podcast is back and discusses the state of the Pistons. They have a new, unique sponsor, top five lists, and top three things that scares them about the Pistons. It's the first podcast on N4S since December of last year, so have a listen and welcome them back.

Balls_medium This isn't Pistons related, but it's too good to not link. J.E. Skeets of Ball Don't Lie is Tyler Hansbrough's acting coach. Wow.