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Richard Hamilton Out Wednesday, Maybe Longer

The Pistons have been almost coy as to the extent of Richard Hamilton's injury, calling it a day-to-day injury although it's been almost two weeks since he first injured it.

It comes as no surprise then that Hamilton will miss yet another game, his seventh consecutive, on Wednesday night against the Bobcats.

Via the Detroit News:

Richard Hamilton's severely sprained right ankle is going to idle him at least one more game.

Coach John Kuester ruled Hamilton out for Wednesday's game against Charlotte.

Hamilton isn't walking around with as significant of a limp as he did after spraining his ankle Opening Night in Memphis. But there's obviously enough discomfort to keep him out of the lineup.

The game notes on ESPN stated that Hamilton was not expected to return within the next week, according to John Kuester, which would have him also missing Saturday's game in Washington and possibly even Sunday's against Dallas.