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Charlie goes under the knife, Gordon questionable

Charlie Villanueva before surgeryIf you follow Charlie Villanueva on Twitter, you've already seen this pic, but that's our friend CV31 sending out a pre-surgical tweet: "At the Detroit Metro Center (DMC) Hospital, about to start to preparation for my nasal surgery, had to get a tweet out. Wish me good luck :)".

You can only squeeze so much in 140 characters or less, and unfortunately an explanation for why a guy with no hair is wearing a hairnet was left out. Oh well.

Fortunately, everything went according to plan, or so he tweeted five hours later: "Just letting everyone know that,I had successful surgery 2day for my broken nose, thanks every1 for showing me love, I greatly appreciate it"

He'll be fitted with a mask a la Rip Hamilton, but it's still up in the air when he'll return to action -- it could be as soon as Wednesday in Chicago, but it wouldn't be unreasonable to think he'll miss at least one game. As it happens, it seems like Ben Gordon (sprained ankle) has the same timetable:

Gordon did some light work on the side but didn't appear capable of putting too much weight on his left side.

"If it continues to progress as it has been, hopefully I'll be able to play," said Gordon, who would like to play his first game against the Bulls, for whom he starred the last five seasons.