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Pistons @ Bulls Game Thread

Game tips at 8:00 pm ET

Chicago: 6-9 (4-1 home)

Pistons: 6-11 (2-7 road)

Oppo research

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls return home from a road trip that was every bit as disastrous as Detroit's. After a win in Sacramento, the Bulls notched five consecutive losses, in spite of the fact that Derrick Rose is slowly starting to rebound from a horrific start to the season.

In a lot of ways, the Bulls' struggles reflect the Pistons' woes. Both teams are built around point guards who have been nothing short of disappointing, and who seem not to be point guards at all. Both teams feature defensive-minded center who grabs gobs of rebounds. Splitting up Ben Gordon and Luol Deng seems to have benefitted both teams.

Yet, both teams kind of suck. In Detroit's case, injuries are playing a major role in the decline, while Chicago is experiencing a lack of depth. Both teams have been terrible from deep, and each has huge question marks in their front line.

The Drama:

Ben Gordon is expected to suit up against his former team, though that will assuredly be a game-time decision. It would certainly be fun to watch him hang a big game on the profoundly overrated Derrick Rose.

Keys for Detroit

Manage something from the three point range: I have the feeling I can cut and paste this one for the rest of the year. The Pistons managed to eke out a win on Sunday in spite of a 1-6 performance, thanks to a ridiculous rebounding advantage. But, seriously.

Chris Wilcox?: With Charlie V. out due to nose surgery, it would be nice to get some offense out of the front court. His career may be headed into last chance territory.

Clamp down on Noah: The Pistons have been the best rebounding team in the league over the last few games, as Big Ben has had plenty of time to rest.

Question of the Game

Can the injuries continue to mount? After several years of extraordinary health, this team is on life support. Big minutes from Chucky Atkins will equal big losses. Be careful out there, boys.