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Lunchtime Shootaround: Ron Artest's Hardcore, Shannon Brown's Hops, Dr. Charlie, and Life Sized Cut Out of Jonas Jerebko

The shootaround didn't help for the Lakers game, but I have a feeling it can be helpful for the Bobcats tonight. Click & read away.

Balls_medium Ron Artest is a "hardcore dude," so it's only fitting that he would want to play in Detroit, one of the "hardest core cities."

Balls_medium Former MSU player, Shannon Brown, shamed Chucky Atkins with this block on Sunday evening. The Lakers players are lobbying for Brown to be in this year's slam dunk contest. Kobe says Brown can jump higher than he did in his younger days and Michael Jordan, no question.

Balls_medium Ben Gordon is still not sure why he wasn't wanted in Chicago. After the Bulls' 35-point collapse to the Kings, I think it's more than safe to say that anyone in the Bulls organization who didn't want him before, wish they had him now.

Balls_medium As I mentioned in the Lakers game recap, Charlie Villanueva went without his mask on Sunday evening. However, it appears he made an executive decision without an OK from team doctors. CV was never comfy in the Rip-mask, even though his play never seemed to suffer with it.

Balls_medium I've said this all along with the injuries that the Pistons are experiencing up to this point in the season: It's a blessing in disguise for the rookies. They are getting plenty of playing time and thus, we're getting an early look at how they may fit into the Pistons system, not only now, but in the future. So far, they are definitely holding their own.

Balls_medium Boris over at Midwest Sports Fans does a weekly Pistons watch that is worth checking out. You could probably guess what the title of this past week's is called: Injuries Lingering and West Woes Continuing.

Balls_medium With Christmas just a few days away, Richard Hamilton, Rodney Stuckey, and Austin Daye played Santy Clause for children in the Detroit area. I don't know if Rip should be having any kids sitting on his lap with that hammy problem!

Balls_medium Grasping for last minute gift ideas? The Pistons official auction site has some stuff you might be interested in, including a life sized cut out of Jonas Jerebko!